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cheat crossfire

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- Autobot
- AimThru( Distance, Automatic, Crosshair )
- AimAt( Head, Neck, Spine )
- AimKey( Customizable )
- AutoSwitch
- No Recoil
- No Spread
- Name
- Distance
- Box
- Health
- 2D Radar
- Ignore friends
- PlayerChams
- XQZ Wallhack
- Draw Fps
- Draw Time
- Draw Resolution
- Crosshair (6 different types of crosshairs (color customizable)
- Menu position( X, Y )
- Menu Width
- Radar position( X, Y )
- Radar fade
- Save/Load to/from 6 different slots!

cheat ninja saga

Ninja Saga EXP Hack

By Cisra on cheatengine.org
So this is my tut how to cheat on Ninja saga (Facebook and Orkut) and get more exp and lvl up fast:

So first you need these 2 programs:
1.Cheat Engine (http://www.cheatengine.org/)
2.Mozilla Firefox

So Lets Get Started:
1. Go to your Facebook And open Ninja saga (BUT DONT LOG IN)
2. Now Open CE (Cheat Engine) and for Process put Firefox
3. Now put in Value: "3B0008C25B5E0689" (Hex, 8 bytes ASROM)
4. You Should Get 2 Addresses, right click on 2nd and "Disassemble This Memory Region"
5. You should get new window on that window press right click and "Toggle Break Point"
6. Go Back to Firefox and press play on Ninja Saga
7. Go Back to CE and 2 times press F9
8. On Right Side of that window you should get EAX "XXXXXXXXXXX", press on that and put new value e.g. 144 (that will put you on lvl 2, later i will explain why only lvl 2)
9. Now right click and press "Toggle Break Point"
10. And F9 again
11. And Viola! You’re on lvl 2 LoL

So now i will explain why not lvl up immediately on lvl 19....... you Can lvl up your Self only lvl by lvl (so if you wanna be lvl 3 you need to do this hole process over again and in EAX "XXXXXXXXXXXX" put right value), cuz if you lvl up your self immediately on lvl 3 you char will be deleted, this take time but its worth :DDDDD

So these are Values For Each lvl:
1-11 (but you are on start lvl 1)
6-No Code you Must lvl up your self with out cheating
10-No Code you Must lvl up your self with out cheating
17-No Code you Must lvl up your self with out cheating
18-No Code you Must lvl up your self with out cheating

I Did This only till lvl 20 cuz if you go on lvl 21+ you wont have any skills and gold so you cant do quests.........in one word you will be weak..........

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cheat ninja saga

Level 50 Kinjutsu Preview [video]

Posted by Allen Cerezo | 12:24 AM | | Comments (0)

Infinite Whirlwind Breakthrough - Remove all negative status, reduce 1 wind ninjutsu cooldown every time the caster receives attacks (2 turns). Fire Phoenix Breath -  Remove all negative status, ignore 30% dodge of the enemy (4 turns). Ultimate Lightning Boost - Remove all negative status, stuns target for 1 turn with lightning ninjutsu (2 turns). Golem Rock Gauntlets - Remove all negative status, reduce 25% damage (2 turns), if any Earth Ninjutsu is use, reduce 100% damage. Shark Encampment Shield - Remove all negative status,  +30% healing effect on water healing ninjutsu and...
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Karasu Miya Falcon for Free - Ninja Saga Back Item

Posted by Allen Cerezo | 9:53 PM | | Comments (2)

Karasu Miya Falcon Effect: Increase dodge rate by 6% How to obtain: Top up 450 MyCard point from 15 April - 15 May 2011...
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Hanami Folding Fan and Egg Hunter Basket Back Item on Ninja Saga

Posted by Allen Cerezo | 9:43 PM | | Comments (0)

Hanami Folding Fan Effect:Increase dodge rate and critical rate by 3% How to obtain: Hanami Festival Special Package Egg Hunter Basket Effect: Increase 6% accuracy How to obtain: Easter Festival Special Package...

cheat ninja saga

Ninja Saga Ultimate Money Cheat.  How would you like to buy all the items you want to buy in the world of Ninja Saga without a lot of effort?  This Updated Ninja Saga Money Cheat will help you with that.  There are however some things that you will need to do to be able to do this Ultimate Money Cheat in Ninja SagaDownload all the required files and follow the steps below.

  • Download the needed files here
  • Fiddler2
  • Firefox

Do not forget, Ninja Saga bans accounts like drinking water. This means they ban you freely regardless of whether you cheated or not.

Updated Money Cheat in Ninja Saga Steps:

   1. Open Fiddler2.
   2. Go to Autoresponder. Check the options "Enable automatic responses" And "Permit passthrough for unmatched requests".
   3. Click ADD.
   4. Select the line that appears and change the "StringToMatch" to
   5. In the textfield beside the save button, select Find A File and browser to the mission2.swf that you have just downloaded from pwnthis.net..
   6. Now just clear your browser cache..
   7. Enter Ninja Saga and finish the mission "Hardworking Student".
   8. You will get the A LOT of weapons to sell upon each completion.
   9. Do NOT ABUSE as said by the author. Just use it once and you will be rich forever.

cheat celestia luna

Cheat Speedhack Celestia Luna Online

Nih gan ane cmn mau nge share aja cheat speedhack celestia luna online, 100% work kok gan.
Caranya gampang ikutin aja langkah - langkah dibawah ini :
1. Download cheat engine 5.6.1 nya disini [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
2. Setelah download, install cheat engine 5.6.1 nya
3. Buka cheat engine tersebut
4. Pilih program LUNAClient.exe di CE nya
5. Pilih Enable speedhack(yang d sebelah kanan d bawah bacaan Unrandomizer trus d ceklis deh gan)
6. Atur speed semau kamu

Itu gan cheat nya, gampang kan? ^_^

ad 1 lagi gan... enable speedhacknya jgn penuh ato melebihi 10 karena bakal DC...
itu aje gan tq yak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cheers lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol!